Welcome  to  Queretaro!

Some useful information

No matter if  you're in our city for a day or a year; these tips will make your stay easier.

• Get to know Queretaro on a bike! There are many shared bike stations which are cheap and easy to use. Just download their app and follow the instructions. Currently it's only in Spanish, but you can also write to qrobiciusuario@emuqro.com.mx and they will reply in English. Or just wait until you're here and:

• Go to the Tourist Information and Assistance Center (Pasteur 4, in the Historic Center, next to Plaza de Armas) for any kind of help you might need. For simpler, touristy things like maps and basic information, there are tourist information modules at Andador Cinco de Mayo (in front of Jardin Zenea) and Plaza Constitucion.

• For longer distances, we suggest using a service like Uber or Cabify; they're cheaper, cleaner and overall nicer than the yellow taxis. If you absolutely must take a taxi, be sure to negociate the fare before you get in, as they have no meters and they will almost certainly try to overcharge you, especially if you look like a tourist.

• Waiters in Queretaro are VERY attentive, and just like in the rest of Mexico, tipping 10 to 20 percent is customary. 

• If you're around the city center and need to use the toilet, there are some public facilities which cost somewhere between 5 to 10 pesos. You can also use (for free) one in the Government Palace, right at Plaza de Armas (just ask the guards at the door. While you're there, you can check out Víctor Cauduro's paintings of Mexican historical passages, in the central patio).

Wear sunscreen, for the love of God. The solar radiation around here is very high!

• If you need fresh food (fruits and vegetables, meat, everyday cheeses), it's best to go to a traditional market instead of a regular supermarket (we like Mercado de la Cruz. Try the Oaxaca cheese!). Everything is fresher, tastier and altogether better. The same goes for bread: go to a bakery.

• Queretaro's sunsets are some of the prettiest you will ever see anywhere in the world. Find a terrace bar when the sun goes down to relax and enjoy the view of old Colonial Queretaro churches and rooftops (La Grupa, on top of a hotel at Pasteur Norte 25, is quite popular among locals).


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A few things we like

COFFEE (obviously)

• Gramlich Café

No frills, just one of the best cups of coffee you can find in the city and a nice view of Jardin Guerrero. The kind of place you go with a book.

Madero 85

• Calufe

Everything coffee and everything great: their butter and coffee cookies just beg to be dunked.

5 de Mayo 99A

• Johfrej

Good coffee and chocolates (and ice cream, too!) in an air conditioned oasis in the center of the center.

Pasteur 8


• Gorditas Andador Libertad

If you're in Queretaro you must try a gordita, and this small, unassuming establishment makes our absolute favorite. The seating space is limited so you may have to eat standing up by the door. Try the chicharron verde or the mushrooms. Delicious.

Andador Libertad 22

• La Mariposa

This place has been serving basically the same menu since 1940 and it's so respectful of tradition that they don't even take credit cards. Their secret? A good old-fashioned Mexican coffee shop menu served by good old-fashioned Mexican coffee shop waitresses. The main reason for their success, however, are their sweets, desserts and milkshakes. If it's too crowded on the weekends (and it is) you can try their to-go area, where everything is cheaper.

Angela Peralta 7

• Garibaldi

Open daily from 5 pm until midnight, this is the place to get your tacos. A large area full of stands behind the market, here you can find authentic Mexican dishes like pozole, birria, and of course tacos, lots and lots of tacos, usually accompanied by a street musician and a TV with a telenovela or a soccer match. If you go out drinking in the city center, you won't find a better option for a snack or ten (you won't find that many open places to eat after hours, for that matter). We usually hang at the Don Joaquin stand but, really, it's all good.

Behind Mercado de la Cruz

*Plaza Fundadores

At this square you will usually find more locals than tourists - always a good thing when you travel. The options and varieties are many, from artisanal hamburgers to falafel; there's often live music somewhere and you can get a table right outside, to feel the breeze and see what's going on at the square. Our personal recommendation:

• La Vieja Varsovia

There are lots of good things to eat here, but everyone's favorite is the artisanal pizza, made in the same stone oven where they bake their wonderful bread. There are great cold drinks for when it's hot and great hot drinks for when it's cold (try their hot chocolate with cardamom!). To know more about La Vieja Varsovia, read our review here.


• If you want to go bar hopping, the heart of the center's night life is Cinco de Mayo Street, from Felipe Luna Street all the way down to Plaza de Armas. These five or six blocks house a wide variety of bars, with a little for everyone.

If you're looking for a more traditional experience we suggest visiting a cantina, the kind of gritty place where interesting food comes with the drinks and where women weren't allowed back in the day. Queretaro has many, such as El Luchador (Filomeno Mata 2), Bar 201 (Ejercito Republicano 33),  and Bar Varela (Universidad 18).

• There are a few gay clubs in the city; the classic one par excellence in the center is Maximiliano Bar, located at Morelos 4.