Mexico and Beyond


The Mexican Beetle

Text and photos: Aron Covaliu

You literally can’t go out anywhere in the country – be it a city or the countryside – without seeing them. We’ve all owned or ridden one. You can find someone to fix it, as well as the spare parts, less than 10 minutes from wherever you’re standing. Classifieds are full of them, and they’re immediately purchased.

   Mexico’s love for the classic VW Beetle (or vocho, as it’s known here) began in 1967, and it grew so much that this country continued to produce them when nobody else in the world did, until July 30, 2003, when the last vochito in the world proudly rolled out of the factory in Puebla. This means that, although we still find them everywhere, it’s been 15 years since there actually was a new one. Now they’re just getting old and, like any other soon-to-be extinct species, some day they’ll be gone, remaining only as a memory in Mexico’s collective mind.


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