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A Little Street Soup

Text and photos: Aron Covaliu

BERLIN, Germany - One of these days you could be walking down the street and find yourself before a line of people waiting to be served some soup. Homeless persons, you might think. Well, not if you’re in Berlin. If you’re in Berlin, you get a bowl, get in line, and get a treat: you just found the Suppe und Mucke festival.

That’s right. A street festival that revolves around soup. And music, of course, seasoned with a fair share of artistic, social and political activism. In other words, a perfect example of this city’s unique way of life. But the hook is soup. Good soup, that makes you glad that you’re eating it right there, under the graying sky, among a couple hundred slurping Berliners. Carrot soup, vegan chili, whatever; you just need to get there with a bowl and a spoon - no money necessary. There are many and they are delicious. While you eat you can wander the area from band to band; somewhere there’s Latin music, somewhere there’s alternative, somewhere there’s klezmer. The music is as diverse as the soup.

   The Suppe und Mucke festival started in 2009 and changes its location every year, but always within the Friedrichshain district. This year it will be held on June 16. For more information, check their website: (in German only, sorry! Time to give Google Translate a chance).


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