San Joaquin, the Epicenter of Huapango

Mariana Figueroa


QUERETARO, Qro. (March 16, 2018) - Huapango is one of the most Mexican expressions there are, and on April 6 and 7 you will be able to witness this it if you visit the Magic Village of San Joaquin, where the 49th edition of the National Huapango Huasteco Dance Competition will be dedicated to the San Luis Potosi Huasteca region.

   This internationally recognized folkloric event started with 17 couples; this year they’re expecting the participation of more than 600, from various states of the country and even from abroad; there is one from the Netherlands and one from the United States. They compete in six Huastec styles and four categories: Little Huapangueros (3 to 7 years old), Children (8 to 12 years old), Junior (13 to 17 years old) and Adults (18 years old and up).

   A couple is declared champion in each style, to later compete for the "Champion of Champions", whose winner receives the "Luna de Fuego" trophy and a 48,000 peso prize. 224 thousand pesos in prizes will be awarded.

  This contest expects an attendance of 7 to 10 thousand people, many of which will be staying with the locals, as the hotel infrastructure (105 rooms) is exceeded. But hospitality in San Joaquin is not a problem; with a little with luck you’ll be able to spend the night in the house of some of the families who condition their dwellings to offer lodging.