Experience the Holy Week in Queretaro


Photos: Aron Covaliu


One of the best-liked cities to visit during the Holy Week celebrations is Queretaro, where religiosity, festivity and devotion converge; along with a wide range of gastronomic delights. These are some of the activities that you can’t miss from March 25 to April 11.


The most authentic religious expression

Everything begins with Palm Sunday, which this year is on March 25, in the Historic Center of Queretaro. One of the most important places to experience the celebration is the Temple and Convent of the Holy Cross, where you can find a tree whose thorns are said to grow in the shape of a cross. Without a doubt, a moment of Holy Week that you can’t miss is the Procession of Silence, on Good Friday (March 30), a display of the faith that’s manifested by mourning the death of Christ. This year the procession will depart from the Temple of the Holy Cross at 6:00 in the afternoon.

Write it down: From March 25 to April 1, in the Historic Center of Queretaro.


The orange and the nopal, in the spotlight

One of the most beautiful spots of the Sierra Gorda, known as Las Adjuntas, will host the "Ayutlazo 2018", where you can enjoy the Nopal and Orange Gastronomic Contest, the traditional huapango contest, artistic and cultural presentations and sporting events like volleyball and indoor soccer tournaments. You can also go to the Sotano del Barro to observe macaws and see the "Millennial Tree" and its natural springs, as well as camp in the wooded areas, visit the Franciscan Conca Mission and enjoy the Stations of the Cross live in the municipal seat on Good Friday.

Write it down: From March 26 to 31, in the village of Puerto Ayutla at the Sierra Gorda.

Beer, wine and cheese

The municipality of San Juan del Rio will hold the Campestre Route, formed by gastronomic establishments and vineyards that will offer the best products of the region. Additionally, the headquarters of Primus craft beer will offer tours of their plant. Don’t miss the Wine, Cheese and Beer Festival.

Write it down: From the 13th to the 15th of April at the bank of the San Juan River, next to the Paseo de los Guzmán Eco Park, San Juan del Rio.


Let's go for a picnic!

The Magic Village of Tequisquiapan announced the "Picnic Fest", which promotes family living and the enjoyment of barbecues and roasts. There will also be a Women of Tequis Bazaar, where all kinds of products - manufactured by local women - will be offered.

Write it down: From March 29 to April 1 at Paraiso de la Cesteria, in the municipal seat of Tequisquiapan.

With information from the Tourism Secretariat of the State of Queretaro