The Pleasure of Getting Away

Text and photos: Mariana Figueroa


Queretaro (May 31, 2018) - Some weeks seem endless; maybe you’re pursued by worries for several days or maybe we’re simply suffocated by the routine, living one day the same as the other, one week identical to the one that follows. That's when the idea of ​​escaping the city comes to us as an epiphany; we take a backpack with a couple of essential things and escape from the city to a hot spring site.

   The "therapy" of disconnecting starts from the highway; sheltered by an intense blue sky through the 90 minute journey from Queretaro to San Miguel de Allende we breathe, calmly, a fresh and different air. The day is perfect.

   We arrive at Escondido Place, one of the many hot springs that can be found in San Miguel de Allende, and the advantages of getting up early are evident when we have the place practically for ourselves, at least for a few hours.

   The site is located in a place that’s surrounded by a forest with huge trees. When you look up, there is nothing but the sunlight passing through a thick net of green leaves, that golden May light over the tender leaves for which the Germans have a special name: maeinschein. On the way to the first pool, we stop to examine the trees that abound in the place and to decipher their fruits: first we find a peach tree, later, a pomegranate tree.

   Suddenly there it is, surrounded by trees, a warm circular pool just for us, in which we will spend all morning, talking, swimming and floating at times, guessing shapes in the clouds or abandoned to ourselves. After a while in the water, we go out and lie down on a couple of loungers, feeling the fibers of fresh grass on the soles of our feet and rubbing them to charge them with energy.

   The environment invites you to relax, read or just let your mind wander while your eyes follow a bee picking at the lavender flowers. After refreshing ourselves with a plate of fresh fruit and some cocktails we start the tour of the hot springs pools, going from the least hot to the hottest.

There, in the hottest pool of all, at more than 104 °F, comes total relaxation; the blood circulation and oxygenation increase; we stand under a jet of water that gives us a nice massage on the back, shoulders and arms. The stained glass ceilings of these thermal pools bring a religious temple to mind.

Photo: Escondido Place

After showering, we walk around the place for a while and discover a pond full of water lilies where different sized turtles and orange fish swim. We sit for a moment, unraveling the sounds: gusts of wind, birds singing in the trees and that incessant buzzing of insects. We are ready to take the road back home – but not before stopping for some roasted corn on the cob at the side of the road, to close a wonderful day.


Escondido Place

San Miguel

de Allende-

Dolores Hidalgo

road, km 10




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