Welcome the Spring in Bernal

Mariana Figueroa

Photos: Aron Covaliu

QUERETARO, Qro. (March 16, 2018) - How would you like to receive spring by joining a pre-Hispanic purification ritual, watching conchero dancers and being part of a human chain for peace?

   These activities await from next Sunday, March 18, at the Magic Village of Bernal, where the preparations to witness the Equinox will begin with the presentation of offerings to the Holy Cross that’s located at the summit of Bernal’s Boulder which, by the way, is the third largest monolith in the world.

   At dawn on Monday, March 19, there will be a ritual known as "Salutation to the four Cardinal Points and the lighting of the new fire"; be prepared, in white clothes, to receive all the energy of the Sun. In addition to the pre-Hispanic rituals, on Monday, March 19, at noon in the main garden of Bernal, the Ode to Joy will be sung.

Enjoy every corner of this Magic Village 


While you’re in Bernal, be sure to try a gordita de maiz quebrado (a deep-fried corn patty with different fillings) and some esquites (a Styrofoam cup full of cooked grains of corn, prepared with mayonnaise, lime juice, cheese and powdered hot pepper) as you walk through its streets. Wear comfortable shoes, a hat or cap and lots of sunscreen.

   Bernal has three museums: the Mask Museum, the Museo de las Animas and the National Film Museum, devoted to Rosalío Solano, a cinematographer from Bernal who triumphed in the golden age of Mexican cinema.

   The Mask Museum has almost a thousand objects divided into two collections: a local one, made up of the best masks from the contest that has been held here since 1987, and one from Mexico and the world, which has been donated by private collectors. The wood used in the masks is patol, known for its smoothness.

   The Museo de las Animas is located inside a building that dates back to the 18th century. In spaces that used to be used as a room and kitchen, you will find an interesting collection of documents, maps and plans, as well as a caste painting.

   The Museum that’s devoted to Rosalío Solano - who worked with divas like Miroslava and María Félix - is located in front of the parish of San Sebastián and there you will find the awards, medals and recognitions that he received, as well as personal objects like his exposure meter and one of his favorite watches.

   For the sunset, make sure to be on a terrace having some coffee, or maybe a glass of the red wine that is produced in that same region. Don’t miss the experience of changing seasons in this Magic Village!

With information from the Tourism Secretariat of the State of Queretaro

Fun fact: 

The word “Bernal”, of Arabic origin, means boulder; so it’s a pleonasm when we say Bernal’s Boulder.