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When in Edam, Have Some Edam

Mariana Figueroa

Photos: Aron Covaliu


EDAM, The Netherlands - Undoubtedly one of the greatest luxuries that we can have as travelers is to enjoy food and drink in its place of origin, discovering the birthplace of those products that now are global and that we consume habitually without thinking that perhaps they traveled many miles from where they were first imagined.

   If you’re visiting Amsterdam, it’s worth making a small 45-minute trip, by car or bus, to visit Edam, a city whose economy is based on the cheese market, a tradition that was born in 1526 and is still going strong.

   Edam is an idyllic village, with pitched-roof houses, flowers everywhere and canals populated by white swans that show off their beauty on the crystalline surfaces.

   The street market is held on summer Wednesdays (this year it’s from July 4 to August 22), but you can taste the cheese any day of the week at the established shops. There are many varieties of Edam besides the regular style, like smoked, with spices, with walnut and with pesto. All are delicious, but my favorite is pesto.

   In the city you can take a tour to visit a farm and learn about the cheese process from scratch; there are also clog factories that proudly reveal their secrets about the making of the traditional Dutch footwear.

   For more information about Edam, visit:

Fun fact: 

In Mexico, Edam cheese is one of the stars of the gastronomy of Yucatan. Legend has it that a ship that carriedit shipwrecked on the coasts of this southern state, and it was quickly incorporated into the menu.


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