Cadereyta Invites Everyone for Spring Vacations

Mariana Figueroa

Photos: Aron Covaliu


CADEREYTA DE MONTES, Queretaro (March 20, 2018) - Cadereyta, the largest municipality in the state, is a Magic Village since 2011. There are semi-desert landscapes with cacti and mountain elevations with pine and oyamel forests, as well as a range of cultural and tourist activities for all tastes: from those who seek adventure tourism and a connection with nature, to those who want to enjoy a unique cuisine and explore the vineyards of the region.

   The municipality is ready to receive thousands of visitors during the Holy Week holiday period, which begins on Sunday, April 25, with its 18 attractions, as announced at a press conference by members of the tourist trade, led by Paola Ortega - on behalf of Hugo Burgos, Secretary of Tourism of the State - and Leonardo Vargas, Director of Tourism of Cadereyta.

Paola Ortega, speaking on behalf of the Secretary of Tourism

But, where to start? 

The Tournet Asesores agency, headed by Ana María Isabel Rosas, offers four options of routes:

Photo: courtesy of the Regional Botanical Garden of Cadereyta

  1. Mystical nature. Includes the Botanical Garden (pictured above), founded in 1991 southeast of the municipal seat. The space has an extension of 10 hectares, two of which house the 5-section botanical collection, where the visitor can learn about the cacti from the state of Queretaro, as well as the different types of vegetation. It’s of great scenic beauty, pointed out Beatriz Maruri Aguilar, researcher at the Botanical Garden; there are guided tours and wild flora sightings. In addition to preserving the site, they carry out research, outreach and environmental education. The Garden opens from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., 365 days a year, with free admission and guided tours every hour. You can schedule a tour in English ahead of time by calling 4412760647. This tour includes a visit to the Dr. José Hernández Moreno Planetarium, which has a 10.6-meter digital dome where they screen documentaries and real time stargazing.

  2. The City Tour is a tour of the Historic Center of the city and its main churches, dedicated to San Peter and San Paul, whose architecture combine the baroque and neoclassical styles.

  3. The Ecoarchaeology tour takes you to El Doctor, La Esperanza and Vizarron, at the Sierra Gorda, and includes one of the most important archaeological sites in Toluquilla, which is the only one with two traditional ballgame courts. Toluquilla is a hybrid word, from the Nahuatl root tolloa, which describes the action of hunching.

  4. Night of legends, at different settings of the center of Cadereyta.


In addition to these routes, Cadereyta invites its visitors to enjoy attractions like these:


• Tzibantza Island, a place to forget about stress, while you rest in one of its cabins and visit the El Anzuelo restaurant, where you can eat mojarra freshly caught in the Zimapan Dam. If you feel adventurous, you can rent a kayak.


• Viña del Cielo Boutique Hotel has suites with Jacuzzi, heated pool, gardens and a wine cellar. Additionally, this hotel will open its own vineyard on April 21, announced its manager Zabdiel Enríquez. This vineyard will have 40 hectares of white grapes and it will be part of the Route of Art, Wine and Cheese.


• Hacienda Tovares was owned by the founder of Cadereyta, Captain Alonso de Tovar y Guzmán. It currently serves as a boutique hotel with 10 rooms, a thermal waters spa, wine therapy, horseback riding and carriage rides, among other activities. In addition, the site is preparing "Enlódate" (get muddy), a space for jumping obstacles and adventure activities that release stress, which is available to companies who want to do integration dynamics. You can work with up to 300 people at a time.


• El Doctor and El Bosque de Hojas Cabins, offering a guest house, two cabins, camping area, interpretive trails, eco-adventure activities and the possibility of getting into the Jacuzzi, making a bonfire and having a barbecue. The views from its viewpoint are spectacular.


• El Condado Centro Botanero, located on the Vizarron road to San Joaquin, at kilometer 19.5. There you can enjoy authentic ranch food, salsas made with vegetables from the region, as well as pork rinds, a delicious cecina and some nice chorizo ​​and rib tacos, in addition to the inevitable nopalitos, among other dishes.


• Boye, a must to enjoy pulque and barbacoa. They will have a fair on March 31 and April 1, but you can also find these delicacies on the weekends.


The Director of Tourism of Cadereyta mentioned that this year they are expecting 12 thousand visitors. The spill last year was 70 million pesos; this year that number is expected to increase by 10 or 15 percent.

   Cadereyta has 360 hotel rooms, distributed in camps, hotels, boutique hotels and inns, as well as many restaurants that await you.

Come, see and fall in love with Cadereyta. For more information, visit: www.cadereytademontes.mx


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