A French Oasis in the Center of Queretaro

Mariana Figueroa

Photos: Aron Covaliu


Queretaro (June 15, 2018) - There is a French oasis in the center of Queretaro, where the day begins with the soft buttery smell of freshly made croissants and the golden cream of a perfect espresso being poured into a small cup.

Breton café was born five years ago on Andador Libertad with the aim of breaking the stereotypes that French food is usually associated with: elegant, expensive, selective, pretentious and elitist, says founder and owner Myriam Sánchez.

   "We wanted a project where we focused more on the home side that’s experienced by a family in France; you don’t need to get all fancy to eat French food."

   Five years after its creation, Breton is a benchmark in the city for its cuisine, but above all for the quality of its Chiapas coffee, which is prepared in the European style.

   "It is an organic bean with a French roast, that is, it’s roasted for a little longer to make the coffee infusion stronger; that’s the roasting we require so that the beverage is more like the European version, a stronger flavor. The bean is very good quality and comes from a place where the owners of the lands are the same people who sell it, it’s fair trade, directly with the supplier, something very important to us."

   Breton serves different types of coffee, but their most emblematic are without a doubt the short coffees, which is a way of valuing the product, says Myriam.

"If we mix it with chocolate sprinkles or industrialized products, it wouldn’t make much sense to serve an organic, pesticide-free coffee. Our coffee offer is the same as in our kitchen, we lean more towards the natural matters".

Photo: Breton

The landscape in the center of Queretaro has changed drastically in the last five years, says Myriam; Breton café opened its doors on a street that at that time didn’t have much traffic or businesses, unlike today, that it’s a street full of life. The intense migration of foreign population to the city has also been an important factor to make this place a benchmark in the city today, even "inspiring" other businesses to replicate the model, which at the same time forces Breton to innovate and continue to set the standard; however, it goes without saying that for connoisseurs who go to Breton to eat a sandwich made with bread that has been aged for 16 hours or to enjoy dishes served with slow-cooked sauces prepared with techniques that pay a lot of attention to detail, it is difficult to fall for imitations.

One of the most recommended breakfast options are the poached eggs served on homemade vol-au-vents, and, for lunchtime, their varieties of flammenkuchen tart, a thin dough base with different mixtures; the traditional one is served with crème fraîche and smoked bacon. To finish off, nothing like a good cup of coffee. And dessert, of course.

Our favorite: 

Their croissant with almonds.


Andador Libertad 82

Photo: Breton




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