Queretaro Will Be the Capital of Comics

Mariana Figueroa

Photos: Aron Covaliu


QUERETARO, Queretaro (March 27, 2018) - Queretaro will become the comic capital not only of Mexico, but of all Latin America, said René Franco, director of CONQUE, the comics convention that attracted 50,000 people last year and that this year will be held from May 3-6 at the Queretaro Centro de Congresos.

   "Over time, what we want is that (Queretaro) becomes the city - and the entire state - of comics and entertainment in Latin America; what you see here is the prelude," he told at a news conference.

   By presenting Stan Lee last year, the organizers themselves set the bar very high, but this year’s activities won’t be small. Among the events that stand out is a conference with Rosario Dawson, star of The Defenders; a tribute to Edgar Vivar, the unforgettable "Señor Barriga" (Mr. Belly) from the show Chespirito; Netflix special activities related to the series Lost in Space, Club de Cuervos, Stranger Things and the Marvel saga, in addition to a very special review of portfolios of Mexican artists by representatives of Marvel and DC Comics.


Luis Gantus, content director of the event, detailed the program.

   "We have more than 100 comic book artists, more than 40 hours of presentations and lectures, 50 hours of workshops with the best exponents of comics, animation, film, cosplay and other entertainment disciplines, 40 artists drawing live, 40 hours of screenings of the best movies; 300 hours of entertainment."

What you should know about the event: 


- It starts on Thursday, May 3, with a celebration of World Cup soccer. Queretaro’s team, the Gallos Blancos, will become cartoons and will be present for a Meet and Greet with their fans.


- That same day, cartoonists Trino and Jis will broadcast their radio show La Chora Interminable live.


- Rosario Dawson, the legendary star of the movie Sin City, will give a lecture on Friday, May 4th. She plays Nurse Claire Temple in all the Marvel series on Netflix.


- Some of the figures that will visit CONQUE are: C.B. Cebulski, editor in chief of Marvel Comics; Bob Camp, co-creator of Ren and Stimpy; Jorge Jiménez, new artist for Justice League; and Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, the creative duo that redefined Batman for DC Comics.


- Edgar Vivar will take part in a panel-conference, where he will talk about his career and the characters he immortalized.


- YouTubers Mr. X, Paola del Castillo, Alex Montiel, Andrés Navy, Arnoldo, El Jiots, Los Rules, Milo Brizuela, Memo Aponte and Chumel Torres (who will make an episode of his show El Pulso de la República there) will be present.


- There will be an area devoted to manga, anime and videogames from Japan; Taro Maki, president of Genco International, will be there as well.


Tickets (for sale at superboletos.com and conque.mx) cost:

- 299 pesos, one day pass.

- 849 pesos, three-day pass.


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